Liaison Librarians

James A. Gibson Library

Liaison Librarians

Liaison Librarian Liaison Areas

Colleen Beard

Maps; Geographic Information Systems (GIS); Geospatial Data;

Karen Bordonaro  

Applied Linguistics; ClassicsInternational Students in IELP; Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures (MLLC); Intercultural Studies; Studies in Comparative Literature and Arts (SCLA), International Student Programs in Education.

Justine Cotton 

Communication; English Language and Literature; Film; Popular Culture;  Interdisciplinary Humanities PhD.

Ian Gordon

Chemistry; Mathematics; Physics; Earth Sciences

Marcie Jacklin


Biological Sciences; Biotechnology; Oenology and Viticulture; Tourism and Environment; Biochemistry

Laurie Morrison (Linda Lowry is on Sabbatical until July 1st, 2015) 


Accounting; Economics; Entrepreneurship; Finance; Information Technology/Information Systems; Management; Marketing; Organizational Behavior and Human Resources; Operations Management 

Colleen MacKinnon

Psychology; Child and Youth Studies; Applied Disability Studies; Neuroscience 

Laurie Morrison

Sociology; Social Justice and Equity StudiesLiberal Arts;

Monica Rettig 

Visual Arts; Dramatic Arts; Music; Studies in Arts and Culture

Tim Ribaric

Computer SciencePhilosophy
Mark Weiler HistoryCanadian Studies; Medieval and Renaissance Studies;  Interactive Arts and Science

Jennifer Thiessen


Aboriginal Studies; Adult Education; Graduate Education; Teacher Education; Women's and Gender Studies

Heather Whipple


Data & Statistics; Government and Legal Information; Labour Studies; Political Science; Geography
Elizabeth Yates Community Health Sciences; Nursing;KinesiologyRecreation and Leisure Studies; Sport Management