CCOVI open house introduces new fellows, vision

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CCOVI open house introduces new fellows, vision

Published on December 08 2009

About 50 people visited Inniskillin Hall this week for the Cool Climate Oenology & Viticulture Institute open house at Brock.

Academics, community members and people in the wine industry gathered to hear about the changes that have taken place at CCOVI over the last decade.

At the event, Debbie Inglis, director of CCOVI, discussed the institute’s shift to include non-scientific areas of research, such as wine industry marketing and how to promote Ontario wines.

Nine new fellows and professional affiliates were introduced. They were:

  • Jeffrey Stuart, fellow
  • George Van der Merwe, fellow
  • Maxim Voronov, fellow
  • Wendy McFadden-Smith, professional affiliate
  • Daryl Somers, professional affiliate
  • Vincenzo De Luca, fellow
  • Don Cyr, fellow
  • Dirk De Clercq, fellow
  • Peter Roberts, fellow
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