Brock University influenza H1N1 update (Oct. 22)

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Brock University influenza H1N1 update (Oct. 22)

Published on October 23 2009

Approval has been given to hold an H1N1 vaccination clinic at Brock University’s Health Fair on Monday, Nov. 2.

Students and employees are encouraged to attend and will be able to pre-register for specific time slots. The clinic will be coordinated with Niagara Region Public Health who are also hosting other public H1N1 Flu Immunization Clinics throughout Niagara.

Watch this page and Brock’s Pandemic Influenza Preparedness website for more information, including details about pre-registration, next week.

Concerns about H1N1 did not stop Brock’s fall convocation from going smoothly. In keeping with the University’s H1N1 management plan, extra hand-sanitizing stations were set up in the Ian D. Beddis Gymnasium, and the aroma of disinfecting alcohol wafted across the stage as beaming graduates received their degrees.

Levels of H1N1 at Brock continue to rise. There have been 22 cases of H1N1 since early September. None have been serious enough to require hospitalization, and most have either recovered or are recovering.

There has been an increase in numbers on the “Got Flu” channel, and in phone calls and patient visits to Student Health Services. The University continues to test some patients for H1N1 as part of a provincial vaccine effectiveness study, however with the rise in the number of students coming into the clinic not everyone is being tested.

“We predicted that flu season would hit early this year, and based on what we are seeing, it is here,” says Dr. Darrell Grant, Brock’s medical director. “Other physicians have told me they are seeing similar patterns across the region as well.”

Student Health Services is also reminding students and staff that not everyone needs to see a doctor. If you are feeling ill, follow the relevant self-assessment resources to verify your symptoms. If you are experiencing flu-like symptoms and they are manageable, stay home. Otherwise you should call Telehealth Ontario (1-866-797-0000) or seek medical attention.

Students and staff who are home sick with flu-like symptoms are encouraged to register their illness with the University’s “Got Flu” tracking channel on

This online tracking system serves as an absence documentation system for students, faculty and staff and helps to relieve pressure on Student Health Services. Supervisors and work associates can now register ill fellow employees who may be unable to register themselves through the EmployeeAccess menu on dbBrock.

Information hotline

The Student Health Services H1N1 information hotline (905-688-5550 xSICK or x7425) remains available for students to call if they have any concerns or questions about H1N1. It will be answered during clinic hours and any messages will be returned.

Employees can get advice from the Niagara Region Public Health’s H1N1 information line at 905-688-8248 x7950, or can direct questions to Human Resources-Environment, Health and Safety at x3994.

Keep up the effort: It’s up to you to fight Flu — wash hands, cover coughs, wipe common surfaces, keep your hands away from your face, and stay home if ill.

For information about the Nov. 2 vaccination clinic, H1N1 facts and what you can do to fight flu, visit Brock’s Pandemic Influenza Planning website:

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