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Brock launches new website

Published on September 23 2009

Welcome to — Brock University’s new website. 

After months of planning and development, Brock’s new digital home is open for business.

Check out Phase 1 of our launch: a clean new home page, plus links to dozens of other pages that also wear Brock’s new online look and feel.

Next comes Phase 2: We’ll go live with more departmental pages each week as they’re completed and ready to go.

Then in November expect Phase 3, with the Faculties and other remaining academic pages going up.

Overhauling a university website is a massive and complex undertaking, and launching the site is the culmination of months of work by countless people across campus. The project required building or updating thousands of pages across 33 departments or units.

Why are we doing this? To show the world a Brock online presence that’s fresh and consistent-looking, with improved navigation, better search capacity and a whole new platform of interactivity.

“The new site will give Brock a better and more sophisticated online presence,” said Web Marketing Communications Manager Meron Hrycusko. “Each section will have a recognizable look and feel.”

In the weeks ahead the new will expand with better accessibility for the visually impaired, new interactive and multi-media uses, and new links to social media, said Martha Nelson, Associate Vice-President of Marketing and Communications.

“As we move forward we will be adding functionality,” said Nelson, “joining social media trends and responding to our own users’ requirements.

“It has taken a tremendous amount of co-operation across the University to make this project a reality. People have come together for the common goal of improving the University website, and there will be payoffs across the entire organization.”

The website project was led by Academica Group Inc., a marketing consultancy working in higher education. Academica’s work with colleges and universities includes McGill, University of Toronto and Dalhousie University.

So have a look. And please send your suggestions or comments about the new site to

old brock university site

The old Brock University website