Brock Sport Management student shares his return to Russia for the Sochi Olympics

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Brock Sport Management student shares his return to Russia for the Sochi Olympics

Published on July 07 2014

Adel Mansurov

The Olympics serve as a global celebration.

While the athletes seek medals, many volunteers celebrate with shared memories.

For Adel Mansurov, the Sochi Olympics presented a unique opportunity for the Brock graduate student to represent Canada as a valued member of the Canadian Olympic team mission staff, a volunteer support team.

With a background in Sport Management, Mansurov possessed a perfect harmony of academic achievements coupled with a number of key qualities that stood out and allowed him to be selected as a mission staff member by the Canadian Olympics Committee.

One quality that stood above the rest was his ability to speak both Russian and English.

“Being able to speak both languages was a huge asset for me,” Says Mansurov, who was born and raised in Russia until the age of 17.

“Returning to Russia as a Canadian Olympic Committee mission staff member was a phenomenal experience, and it gave me an opportunity to give back to Canada as well as revisit a number of sites I had not visited in many years.”

Volunteering as a mission staff member, Mansurov served as an internal team member tied closely to athlete support.

This meant he found himself working on the front lines at the 2014 Sochi Olympic Winter Games.

His role as mission staff member put him in high demand positions that included outfitting, transportation, and organizing local volunteers.

“From the first minute of the first day, I got straight to work” says Mansurov.

“For six weeks we worked as a team, and developed as a family, to put every athlete in a position to succeed. It is simply amazing how we were able to create bonds in such a short period of time.”

While at the Olympics, Mansurov was able to take in the action at two women’s hockey games and a figure skating competition.

With blurred lines, Adel Mansurov was overwhelmed with support at the Sochi Olympics for the Canadians.

“At the Olympics, I felt very Canadian,” says Mansurov - and he hopes to make Canada his permanent home in the near future.

“Although my peers knew I had a Russian background, no one questioned who I was cheering for, which made it even easier to cheer for our Canadian athletes.”

Mansurov says that “I would not have had such an opportunity without the help of members from the department of Sport Management, especially, Cheryl Mallen, along with Rachael Corbett from The Sport Law and Strategy Group.”

He also thanks the Canadian Olympic Committee for an astonishing opportunity to be part of the Canadian Olympic mission staff.

The Olympics brings people together from around the world, for Mansurov, it brought his worlds, expertise, and passion together.

As a graduate student in Applied Health Sciences, Mansurov is back to focusing on a his thesis topic within Sport Management.

“The research focus of my study relates to the examination of the status of the Russian hockey players in North America from the brand management perspective,” says Mansurov.

“The investigation seeks to determine if the brand associations attached to Russian hockey players affect their NHL Entry Draft status.”  

Adel Mansurov, Sochi Olympics

As part of the volunteer support team with the Canadian Olympic Committee, Adel Mansurov put his expertise, passion and skills together to support Canadian athletes at the 2014 Sochi Olympic Winter Games.