AQ course takes you far beyond the classroom

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AQ course takes you far beyond the classroom

Published on March 06 2014

Curious about what the Summer AQ in China Program is all about? Want to learn more about some of the people who make it all happen? This is your opportunity to meet Cheryl Ende and Ling Lui, two of the people involved in providing the opportunity of a lifetime. Furthermore, please take a few minutes to view the video evidence of last year’s amazing trip.

Cheryl Ende

I've had many roles in the field of ESL over the years. I've taught at the elementary, secondary, and adult levels. I've been an ESL Department Head, City Coordinator, and administrator of a large, urban, multicultural school. I've been on the writing and review teams for some of the ESL documents and am currently the Course Director for ESL Additional Qualifications Courses at Brock University. In 2000 we began the Summer AQ in China Program.  Ontario teachers elect to take ESL Part 1, Part 2, or Part 3 with some coursework in Canada before departure, followed by a 3 week teaching practicum in schools in China. Candidates gain immeasurably by working alongside Chinese teachers, and are immersed in Chinese culture far beyond the tourist experience. The Summer AQ in China Program has proven to be an unparalleled professional development opportunity resulting in an internationally recognized qualification.

Ling Liu 

Ms. Ling Liu graduated from Brock University with an MEd. After graduation, Ling went back to China to teach at the university, and now she is a lecturer in the School of Foreign Languages and Cultures at Jinling College Nanjing University. For the past two years, Ling successfully coordinated a summer cultural exchange program between Jinling College and Brock University. Two groups of students from China had a great summer time and enjoyed their study at Brock. Ling has tremendous interest in cultural exchange and international communication programs, which she believes will provide authentic learning experiences and develop multicultural awareness. Now, Ling is back to Brock and will assist with this summer ESL program in China.

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lui and ende

Ling Lui and Cheryl Ende