1,000 P.E.I. Homes In Danger Of Falling Into Ocean

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1,000 P.E.I. Homes In Danger Of Falling Into Ocean

Published on February 24 2014

In an article written by the CBC, ESRC Affiliate and Director of the Climate Resaerch Lab at the University of PEI, Dr. Adam Fenech discusses how Prince Edwards Island's "sandstone provides little protection from rising sea levels".

"The Climate Research Lab at the University of Prince Edward Island has a new tool that shows how erosion will eat away at the Island over the next 90 years, and it indicates about 1,000 homes are at risk of falling into the ocean.

P.E.I. homeowners need to pay attention to rising sea levels, says Adam Fenech, director of the Climate Research Lab at UPEI. (UPEI)

The tool is called CLIVE, or Coastal Impact Visualization Environment. It shows a 3D map of P.E.I, and you can zoom in on different areas to how the rising water levels will affect the coast line.

"Unfortunately the Island is just made of sand and sandstone, where virtually everywhere else, certainly in the other Atlantic provinces, they have this natural protection," said Fenech."...

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