Tech Ed program welcomes back Local UA 67

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Tech Ed program welcomes back Local UA 67

Published on February 20 2014

The last time Mark Ellerker was at the Brock University Hamilton campus he was front and centre of a of a $75,000 donation to the Technological Education program.

On Thursday, February 13, Ellerker, the business manager of the local UA 67, was welcomed back for a tour and demonstration of the technology purchased as a result of portions of the UA’s donation.

Joined by the Faculty of Education's Dean, Fiona Blaikie, Associate Professor Camille Rutherford, Technological Education program Coordinator and Lecturer Bob Moulton, Hamilton campus Coordinator Joanne Graham, Technological Education program Lecturer Sara McKitrick and Systems Administrator and Technician at the Hamilton campus Kyle Tuck, the UA was provided with an update and testament to the true value of their fall 2012 donation.

"Often the technology goals and initiatives of the Faculty of Education and its partners in the K-12 sector are different from those of the university, and we need to find ways to acquire resources not supported centrally," said Tuck. "We are grateful for the donation from UA67. It will go a long way to support the Hamilton campus and the students here."

With Epson Brightlink interactive projectors installed in several classrooms, the UA’s help has provided Brock’s teacher candidates the opportunity to work with the latest technology, something Ellerker is thrilled to see.

“We know technological education is of huge importance,” said Ellerker. “Everything you are doing here at Brock has a ripple effect and I hope you keep doing what you’re doing because it’s great.”

Matt Kovacs, a teacher candidate, provided demonstrations with the projectors and gave insight into the capabilities they provide and advantages to having this type of technology being used by teacher candidates.

“I was shocked to see Brock had all this equipment,” said Kovacs. “It’s not a matter of what’s in the future anymore, the future is here.”

On the surface, a few projectors may not seem like a game-changing enhancement, but when added to the bursary funds contribute by the UA, the Technological Education program in Brock University’s Faculty of Education is being provided the tools to thrive and stay ahead of the curve in today’s changing educational landscape.

“We have a reputation that is second to none in the province,” said Moulton. “[These enhancements] have made a measureable difference in getting our teacher candidates ready for 21st century learning and teaching.”

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