Geography Professor Studies Lake Sediment in Northern Canada

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Geography Professor Studies Lake Sediment in Northern Canada

Published on November 20 2013

Kevin Turner in Brock's Department of Geography recently received a grant from the Council for Research in the Social Sciences (CRISS) to support research into landscape and soil modifications that have resulted from climate change in the far north.  He states that "The numerous lake-rich landscapes that occupy vast northern regions are experiencing pronounced impacts as a result of climate change.  This is particularly apparent in the Mackenzie Delta region, Northwest Territories, Canada, which is targeted for increased development of industrial infrastructure.  To identify how lakes respond to disturbance, paleolimnological analyses (including “loss-on-ignition”) and remote sensing is being used to reconstruct their response to past conditions.  This insight will provide the basis to anticipate how this important landscape will respond to future stressors and guide proper development in the area."  Please contact Dr. Turner if you are interested in details of his research.


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