CPI Announces Extended Services for all eLearning Courses

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CPI Announces Extended Services for all eLearning Courses

Published on October 03 2013

More Brock University courses are being delivered in the eLearning formats of fully-online and blended.  The CPI is responding by offering a new level of service and access to resources for these eLearning courses.

Brock University's eLearning courses have been developed through the Brock University's eLearning Initiative, some have pre-dated the initiative and/or many have been developed independent of the initiative.  These courses need resources unique to their delivery format, such as online course evaluations, multimedia tools and services such as captioning and transcripts to ensure their delivery is successful, regardless of how the courses was developed.

The CPI’s support for eLearning tools such as Isaak/Sakai, Wikis & Etherpads, and Turnitin.com will continue as it has in the past.

Further information about these additional services can be found on the CPI's website.