EdTech start-up benefiting from Brock Education expertise

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EdTech start-up benefiting from Brock Education expertise

Published on September 13 2013

Teacher education at Brock University continues to make strides in educational technologies (EdTech). And as a result, the Faculty of Education’s Hamilton campus has become a hub for technological innovation both in the classroom and through external partnerships.
The Hamilton campus is home to the EdTech Cohort — teacher candidates interested in becoming educational technology leaders.

In addition to intensive hands-on training with the latest classroom technologies, EdTech students gain valuable experience in providing training to other educators and how to use social media to share their expertise and insight. To keep up to date on the latest classroom innovations, the cohort often has the opportunity to interact with leading EdTech companies and entrepreneurs.
SesameIO (https://sesameio.com) is the latest EdTech start-up to benefit from the expertise of the Faculty’s education experts. Camille Rutherford, associate professor in the Dept. of Teacher Education at Brock, has shared her knowledge and insight with founder Ian Tao — who grew up and went to school in Hamilton — and his team.

On Thursday, September 12, Tao visited the EdTech cohort to showcase SesameIo and the benefits it could provide them.

Going through his presentation,Tao highlighted the unique qualities of the program, all of which allowed for quick, easy and organized access to assessing students and lesson plans. By the end, he wanted to make sure the class recognized some of the most important functions of the program.

“There are three things I want you to do know that Sesame can do for you,” he said. “It lets you plan visually, manage expectations, evaluation, and evidence and it is always available.”

SesameIO will soon be available on iPhones and iPads when they launch their new app, Sesame Snap, an app that Dr. Rutherford things will help change the landscape of assessing students.

“SesameIO and their soon-to-be-released iPad app Sesame Snap is an excellent way for teachers to capture 21st-century learning in ways that traditional pen and paper assessments cannot,” says Rutherford.

Rutherford also noted the programs potential in terms of those in the teaching profession becoming a more cohesive unit.

“The more people are sharing, the more people are collaborating the better it is for our profession,” she said to the EdTech cohort.

SesameIO recently appeared on CBC’s Metro Morning for a story about entrepreneurship and education:

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tao and rutherford
Working together

Dr. Camille Rutherford introduced Ian Tao of SesameIO to the EdTech cohort