Beginning of Program welcomes consecutive students

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Beginning of Program welcomes consecutive students

Published on August 27 2013

Consecutive students gathered at both the St. Catharines and Hamilton campuses on August 27 to familiarize themselves with what they next eight months will have in store for them.

At the St. Catharines campus, students gathered for tours and the opportunity to acclimatize themselves with the campus and attend to any necessary items that needed attention.

In Hamilton, students began their day with an introductory presentation to their program that provided information on their calendars, schedules, professional development, and many other important items that will require their attention in the coming year.

After the presentation, the groups were split in two and directed to the IRC and computer lab; switching places shortly thereafter.

In the IRC students were able to learn about the resources that are available to them during the course of the year; from Ellison dies to puppets to dvds and books. They were also informed about the Centre’s printing service and materials that are available for sale.

Meanwhile, in the computer lab, students were able to test their new accounts and passwords with members from Computer Services ready to smooth out any bumps that arose. They were also informed of the campus’ wireless functions, lab capabilities and general information on some of the most frequent issues that students face.

After completing their time in either the IRC or the computer lab, students took full advantage of the information fair that was provided near the cafeteria.

Members from the Campus Store (with books for sale), Student Awards and Financial Aid Office, the Registrar’s Office and Student Development Centre were all on hand to answer questions and provide information regarding their respective departments.

Consecutive students will be joined tomorrow and the following day , August 28 and 29, by Concurrent students to attend cohort and classes, marking the beginning of the transformation from teacher candidate to a beginning teacher.


students in gym
Beginning of Program

Students gathered in the gym for their introduction that laid out what the year ahead has in store for them