New Visual Arts course this fall.

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New Visual Arts course this fall.

Published on July 29 2013

**NEW CLASS** ~Choose your Adventure~
Research Seminar in Visual Art (VISA 3Q91)

This research class is an opportunity for students to make a whole credit around their own interests:

This course is E-Learning initiative, as it is a hybrid course that integrates individual research delivered via online tools and culminates in two F2F presentations of that research. Features synchronized peer feedback in both remote and F2F encounters. The research topics are student driven allowing either art studio practitioners or visual culture researchers to define and pursue their own areas of interest.

This course is best suited to E-Learning as it is a hybrid course (80% online and 20% face to face) constructed around an innovative methodology. We use digital tools in creative ways to support the underlying pedagogical strategy, and to achieve the explicit learning outcomes of the course.

First Offering
-Fall 2013

Learning Outcomes:
-Students define their area of research interest; this course is an opportunity for students to integrate their strengths from studio, history, and theory into a unified seminar.
-Students conduct independent research. This course readies students for advanced/honours/independent studies or studio or thesis in fourth year courses (IE. 3F99, 4F99, 4F06)
-Write for a broad audience about their research area
-Create a web presence for their practice / research, developing skills in the technologies used in networking, sharing, and creating this presence.
- A critical investigation of the digital toolsets in which our web presence is framed.
-Gain experience in presenting research in a professional context IE. Final symposium

Course Description:
This course is taught from the perspective of a practicing artist and / or historian in the context of contemporary visual culture and its’ attendant contemporary (and relevant historical) theories, philosophies, and major art works. Seminar students develop a critical knowledge of contemporary practices in cultural production, their historical trajectories and major practitioners. Students define their area(s) of interest, conduct research, and attend discussion groups, creating a research presentation and a major research project. Students use research methodologies appropriate to their disciplines. The structure of this course is hybrid in nature, with 80% of activities conducted online, and some attendance in person on campus. Students will frame their final research in an on-line medium best suited to their area of research, and present in a symposium on campus. Part of this process includes a critical investigation of the digital toolsets in which our web presence is framed. Students must manage their time effectively, be motivated, able to meet deadlines, and work independently.
The course follows a logical series of steps, with activities and assignments reflecting each stage of individual research development. The assignments are cumulative, so that each step feeds into the next task IE. Your posts serve as research for your literature review, presentation, and final project.

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