2013 Spring Convocation at Brock

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2013 Spring Convocation at Brock

Published on June 17 2013

More than 3,300 students will graduate this week at Brock’s 2013 Spring Convocation, which takes place over eight ceremonies from Tuesday, June 11, to Saturday, June 15. All of the ceremonies are being video streamed live via livestream.com/brockuniversity

At Tuesday's (June 11) convocation ceremony for the Faculty of Humanities - the first of eight ceremonies this week - more than 500 graduates were presented with their degrees and certificates from the University.

Brock President and Vice-Chancellor Jack Lightstone opened the day with welcoming remarks for the packed Ian D. Beddis gymnasium.

"We share in the pride that your family and friends have of you, and of the pride that you should have in yourselves and we wish you well," said Lightstone.

"It is a truism, perhaps even a cliché, to say that during your studies you have learned a lot, and that you will have been prepared for a life of learning," he said. "But what does that mean in an age where almost any alleged fact can be sought on the Internet freely and instantaneously?"

"There is a higher sense to a life of learning through education," he added. "And that is one that demonstrates the capacities of critical, analytical and synthetic judgment and discernment that leads to insight and creativity, innovation and engagement in everything that you do, whether it is in your professional, personal, family or community life with others."

"These traits must ground your intellectual, your social, your moral capacity throughout your lives. Simply rehearsing or seeking facts that you have learned here or that you will learn elsewhere, simply does not cut it, in my view. You are all capable of more, much more, and you must always exercise that capacity to do more."

"And remember," said Lightstone. "Whatever the circumstances, whether they be lean years or years of plenty, the traits of mind that are the hallmark of a University education cannot be taken away from you so long as you use them."

Joe Robertson, Chair of the Brock Board of Trustees, presented Humanities Spirit of Brock medals to Brittany Stewart (undergraduate) and Alison Innes (graduate).

"The Board of Trustees recognizes the commitment, dedication and sacrifice that it takes to become a graduate of Brock University," said Robertson. "We take great pride in your achievements and share with you and your family in the celebration of your success."

At today's ceremony, Professor Michael Carter, Department of Classics, Faculty of Humanities, was presented with the 2013 Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching. Carter also delivered the day's convocation address.

"Despite its rapid growth in the past several years, Brock has always been a student-centred institution," said Carter.

"A community of learners and teachers, you have been at the very centre of all that matters here, part of an inseparable web, a nexus, of research-teaching-learning-creativity. Prioritize any single one of those and the others all wither and fade."

"This is a special place," he said. "You will be asked about your intention to continue the pursuit of learning and truth, words that are so overused out there in the media on the internet that they seem to carry little meaning anymore. Well they mean something here."

Humanities Dean's Medals were also presented to Jacinta Peel and Adrianna Polito.

At Wednesday's ceremonies, 850 students graduated from the Faculty of Education.

Board of Trustees Spirit of Brock medals were awarded to May Al-Fartousi (graduate) and Jeff White (undergraduate). White also received the Education Dean’s Medal for academic and professional excellence in the Teacher Education program.

Prof. David Hutchison in the Department of Teacher Education received the Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching.

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On Thursday, about 865 students graduated during Thursday's two Social Sciences ceremonies.

Binish Ahmed received the graduate Spirit of Brock medal during the morning ceremony.

Danielle Brunetti received the undergraduate Spirit of Brock medal during the afternoon ceremony.

Economics Prof. Marilyn Cottrell won the Brock University Award for Excellence in Teaching Thursday morning.

Krysten Bates and Stephanie Colic both received Dean's medals for academic achievement.

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Friday, more than 750 students graduated during combined ceremonies for the faculties of Mathematics and Science, and Applied Health Sciences.

Honorary degrees were bestowed up local seniors' advocate Doug Rapelje and Neil Armstron, a leader in pediatric physiology. 

Nicholas Beamish, graduating with his master’s in health and physical education, and Ellen Robb, who earned her PhD in biology, received the graduate Spirit of Brock medals Friday morning. The medal is awarded to students who best exemplify the spirit of Sir Isaac Brock.

Laura Broley and Guillaume Viau received the undergraduate medals. Mathematics and Science Dean’s were also awarded to Broley (Honours) and Frederick Graham (Pass).

Applied Health Sciences Dean’s medals went to Michelle Zahradnik (Honours) and Mathew Rocca (Pass).

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More than 600 students graduated from the Goodman School of Business Saturday, the final day of spring convocation at Brock.

Professor Anamitra Shome, Department of Accounting, Goodman School of Business, was presented with the 2013 Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching and delivered the Convocation address

Patricia Bernardo (undergraduate) and Wanting (Sabrina) Zheng (graduate) won the Spirit of Brock medals and Daniel Mancini was awarded the Dean's medal.

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