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Online/eLearning Incentive Initiative

Published on March 14 2013

 The Office of the Provost, through the Vice-Provost, Teaching and Learning, is seeking expressions of interest from Brock University full-time teaching staff wishing to develop a new course or adapt an existing course to be delivered in an Online-learning or eLearning environment/format.  


There two stages in the application process:

  1. An initial statement of interest by the applicant
  2. If approved, a request for further project information


For those expressions of interest selected to go forward, applicants will engage in a development process supported by the Centre for Pedagogical Innovation.  The instructor developing a half-course course shall receive an amount equivalent to a one-half course overload stipend, which can be used to buy out one half-course, or taken as a lump sum. If the course being developed is a full course, the amount shall be equivalent to a full-course overload stipend, which can be used to buy out one full-course, or taken as a lump sum.  The department/Centre of the successful applicant developing the course must offer the course three times over the subsequent five years as part of its regular course offerings, and scheduled via the Timetable collection process.


The deadline for submissions is Friday April 19, 2013.


All applications will be considered.  Proposals are encouraged under the following general rubrics. This list is not exhaustive and selections will not be limited to these categories:

  • a large enrolment course
  • a context credit course
  • a high-demand course (for example, a mandatory course required for majors or a prescribed Context course)
  • a new or adapted blended course (the online component is typically 50%-80% of the total course delivery)
  • a course that employs accelerated and/or innovative pedagogical design
  • existing courses that have been adapted to take advantage of digital tools and/or the connected digital environment to foster learning.



Expressions of interest can be submitted online at