Dr. Mary-Louise Vanderlee earns extraordinary professor appointment

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Dr. Mary-Louise Vanderlee earns extraordinary professor appointment

Published on January 02 2013

Following in the footsteps of a fellow Faculty of Education professor, Dr. Mary-Louise Vanderlee was recently appointed an Extraordinary Professor in the School of Education at North-West University in South Africa.

“I am both honoured and delighted, to be receiving such a prestigious appointment,” said Vanderlee. “[I] very much look forward to strengthening avenues for collaboration in research, teaching, and service among the students and faculty affiliated with both the Bachelor of Early Childhood Education honours degree program at Brock and the Foundation Phase program at North-West University, Potchefstroom campus.”

Part of Vanderlee’s responsibilities will fall under the research endeavours of the Early Childhood Development-Reading Literacy research group, which will includes visits to North-West University for research-related lectures, and interaction with students.

Other responsibilities will include:

  • Engaging in developing articles with colleagues in the field;
  • Fostering the internationalism process of the research group;
  • Engaging in collaboration in international projects;
  • Contributing to academic discourses in research group and faculty;
  • Acting, if requested, as an external examiner for post-graduate students.

When it comes to what she looks forward to most, Vanderlee says it’s the discussions with colleagues that has her most excited.

“What I look forward to most with this appointment is the continued opportunity for face-to-face discourse with my colleagues at North-West University - this is the most enjoyable and inspiring mechanism to develop research agendas for both faculty and graduate students,” she says. “Importantly, the international collaboration creates opportunities to better understand the cultural considerations when trying to determine how best to support children in developing the foundational skills for a lifelong learning trajectory.”

Her predecessor, Dr. Dolana Mogadime, associate professor in the department of Graduate and Undergraduate Studies in Education, was ecstatic upon hear the news of Vanderlee’s appointment.

“I am thrilled that my colleague has been appointed as the new extraordinary professor of North-West University as part of the North-West University and Brock University partnership,” said Mogadime who served in the role prior to Vanderlee from 2009-2011. “Dr. Vanderlee has a great deal of knowledge and expertise to share with our NWU colleagues in the Early Years; as such I am almost as excited as she is about this.”

The partnership between Brock University and North-West University dates back to 2005, when Dr. Mogadime began the initial stages of building a relationship that has since flourished, with seven graduate students from both universities having been involved with internships fully funded by both the Canadian International Development Agency and the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Development through Students for Development Programs.

For a timeline view of the relationship built between the two institutions please click here.



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Beyond ordinary

Dr. Vanderlee follows in the footsteps of Dr. Dolona Mogadime as an extraordinary professor with North-West University in South Africa.