International Education Week has placed a successful period

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International Education Week has placed a successful period

Published on November 22 2012

Spoken Word Poetry and International Soccer Tournament, the last two fascinating events wrapped up the International Education Week for this year.

The annual event, celebrated in Canada and the U.S.., will give Brock’s 1,000 international students from 80 countries the chance to show off some of their favourite aspects of home. It’s also an opportunity for the University’s Canadian students who have gone abroad to tout the benefits of having studied elsewhere in the world.

From Nov 12 to 16, even the week before, the whole campus was in excitement of celebrating different cultures. Both demestic and international students are involved in various events. They all have enjoyed and learned from those events.

You've missed some parts? Don't worry! Internatinal Education Week is comming back again in November, 2013.

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IEW see you in 2013