Enrolment at Brock continues to rise

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Enrolment at Brock continues to rise

Published on October 25 2012

More students are calling themselves Badgers this year.

Enrolment at Brock at the end of September was up by about 2.5 per cent or 450 students over last year. That includes undergraduate, graduate, degree, non-degree, and full and part-time students, carrying on the trend of increasing enrolment year after year at the University.

Brock has about 18,700 students - a small city compared to when Registrar Barb Davis got her bachelor’s degree here.

“It’s been steady growth and that’s post-double cohort,” Davis said. “I remember when I graduated with my bachelor’s degree, we just had 4,000 students full-time undergraduate students.”

That’s roughly how many first year students attend the University now.

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