BECE holds orientation night

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BECE holds orientation night

Published on September 14 2012

Despite the nerves that are attached to a new year, a new program and a new beginning, it was overall excitement and enthusiasm that trumped any fears or hesitations for first year BECE students.

After a brief orientation night welcome by Associate Professor Mary-Louise Vanderlee, Faculty of Education Dean Fiona Blaikie urged students to recognize the importance of the journey they are about to embark on.

“You’ve got a huge job to do as an educator and an ECE,” said Blaikie, who noted the harrowing global statistics of children who won’t receive an education. “You are about to begin a fabulous program.”

As students reflected on the Dean’s words and their accompanied significance, they were also encouraged to take the time to enjoy the experiences that lay ahead.

“It goes by very quickly,” said Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Graduate and Undergraduate Studies in Education Renee Kuchapski. “I hope you take the time to enjoy your time here and take advantage of the facilities Brock has to offer.”

After students were introduced to other members of staff they would be encountering throughout the year Vanderlee and Assistant Professor Debra Harwood began a power point presentation that outlined tips and tricks for a successful year.

Things such as managing your time, making connections, keeping track and on top of emails, attending class and early planning were all major points touched upon, with one standing out among the rest.

“Attending class is the best investment of your time,” said Vanderlee, mentioning the hours of time that are dedicated not only in the classroom but outside of it as well. “There is a reason they call it full time studies.”

Before the evening closed, first year BECE students had a unique opportunity to engage in a Q&A session with other students who are entering their final year.

During the Q&A students were able to gain sound perspectives of the realities and expectations that will be waiting for them in the year ahead.

At the evening’s conclusion there had been plenty of information and guidance passed on, but there was one particular piece of advice that echoed throughout the evening.

“Whatever you do,” said the Dean, “remember the special passion that brought you to this program.”

students in lecture hall on orientation night
Welcome to the program

BECE students are introduced to the year ahead