Teachers head back to school

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Teachers head back to school

Published on August 27 2012

In a scene typically reserved for the teacher candidates they will soon instruct, it was the Department of Teacher Education’s faculty and staff that shifted “back to school” into gear.

With handshakes and hugs all around, over 100 faculty and instructors gathered on Aug. 21 at the Hamilton Campus for the Beginning of Program meeting; an assembly designed to discuss pertinent information regarding the year ahead.

Department Chair David Hutchison led the morning plenary session and was very happy to see the overflow of attendance, with several attendees lining the walls and seeking out empty benches.

“The high attendance at the full day meeting at the Hamilton campus was a testament to the strength of the program and the commitment of over 150 instructors who contribute it,” he said. “I think it’s the first time we’ve filled all the seats for the Beginning of Program meeting.”

During the plenary session, and again reminiscent of a student’s first day back to school, Hutchison eased everyone back into the swing of things by having a little fun and offering prizes to those who could guess the significance of some faculty-specific numbers.

Numbers such as 164 (number of instructors in the department this year), 697 (number of students in the program this year) and 1,095 (days until the beginning of the new extended teacher education program) all drew excited guesses from the audience.

Prior to breaking for meetings held for faculty advisors, Hutchison called upon various speakers to discuss a range of topics from IT and computer services to fire safety, as well as introducing new members of the administrative and instructional teams.

“The great thing about our program is that no one works alone, everyone works as part of a team,” said Hutchison. “We look forward to a successful 2012-2013 academic year as we welcome close to 700 teacher candidates to the program next week.”

With the excitement and energy stemming from the Beginning of Program meeting it won’t be much of a surprise to see children come home from their first day of school having discarded the initial blues of a summer’s close.

After all, the team that Hutchison speaks so highly of are the teachers that are teaching the teachers who will one day teach those children.

group of teacher education staff sitting on chairs in gym for presentation
Back to school

Members of the Department of Teacher Education gathered for their Beginning of Program meeting on August 21 to go over the year ahead.