Recreation and Leisure Studies well represented at Leisure Studies Association conference in Scotland

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Recreation and Leisure Studies well represented at Leisure Studies Association conference in Scotland

Published on August 08 2012

Making an international appearance, the Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies was well represented at a conference hosted by the Leisure Studies Association (LSA) at Edinburgh University in Scotland.

Representing Brock was four faculty and two graduate students delivering six papers on topics ranging from leisure and youth, sport and family, tourism and international development, and leisure and post-traumatic growth.

“Within Europe the LSA is recognized as a premiere association for the advancement of scholarship in leisure” says Erin Sharpe, Associate Professor in Recreation and Leisure Studies. “Our faculty and graduate students appreciated the opportunity to engage in dialogue with our European counterparts, as our perspectives and approaches can be different. It was enriching for all of us”.

The conference was held from July 17-19, titled: “Leisure, Living, Learning: Education in Sport, Tourism and the Outdoors”. The conference explored four overlying themes:

• Sustainable development in tourism and education
• Social justice in sport development
• Quality of life in physical activity, health and wellbeing
• Environmental education in outdoor learning

Faculty and graduate students from Brock presented on the following topics:

Dr. Dawn Trussell:  Organized youth sport and the construction of "Team Family".
Dr. Erin Sharpe: The colonial student in international service learning and sport for development.
Dr. Trent Newmeyer: Citizenship, residency and friendly aid: The Travellers' Aid Society and gendered migration.
Dr. Sanghee Chun (with Dr. Youngkill Lee): Pursuing happiness through leisure for people with spinal cord injury.
Trisha Khan Xing (Doctoral student): Exploring the relationship between leisure experiences and perceptions of boredom of newcomer Chinese youth.
Jocelyn Murtell (MA graduate): Working with youth as a site of power: how can we go beyond disciplinary power and decolonize youth programming?

With a number of widely recognized scholars present, the conference offered faculty and graduate students exposure to a wide variety of research interests in Leisure Studies.

“As a graduate student, I found the LSA Conference to be a very welcoming and supportive environment where they actively encourage and engage students as both presenters and attendees” said Trisha Khan Xing, who is a current PhD student in Applied Health Sciences.

“As a presenter, I felt incredibly supported to share one paper from my Master's thesis research” says Xing, “As an attendee, it was exciting to meet some of the scholars I've read or referenced in my own work”.

RECL at LSA conference
Recreation and Leisure Faculty and Graduate Students

Trisha Khan Xing
Dr. Erin Sharpe
Dr. Trent Newmeyer
Dr. Dawn Trussell
Jocelyn Murtell
Dr. Sanghee Chun