Brock will soon be on Google StreetView

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Brock will soon be on Google StreetView

Published on June 22 2012

Google StreetView’s relentless march to record images of streetscapes around the world has made its way to Brock University.

In mid-June, a Google team cruised campus roadways and footpaths with their car and trike - each fitted with the special nine-lens camera that gathers the perspectives that create StreetView’s distinctive 360-degree panoramas.

Once the images have been taken, they go through computer processing to make them ready for use on Google Maps.

A Google spokesman said this includes blurring parts of images so that things like passers-by and license plates can’t be identified.

The editing and splicing process takes several weeks, so it could be sometime in the fall before StreetView watchers can do a Brock virtual tour.

As with all StreetView image collections on private property, the visit here was the result of an agreement reached earlier between Brock and Google officials.