Upcoming conference will examine childhood, culture and the First World War

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Upcoming conference will examine childhood, culture and the First World War

Published on September 03 2014

As the centenary of the First World War approaches, attention will increasingly be focused on the relations between that first global conflict in 1914 and whatever conflict happens to be erupting or progressing at the moment.
In the 21st century, all conflicts are potentially global conflicts.
Over the next few years, issues related to war stories and conflict studies, child soldiers and child victims of war, will increasingly come into focus.

The upcoming multidisciplinary conference “From the Garden to the Trenches,” taking place in Niagara and Toronto from May 10 to 12, will examine issues of childhood, children’s literature and culture, and the First World War.
By studying children’s literature and culture in the pre-war years, “we’ll gain insights into how children were enculturated,” says Lissa Paul, one of the conference organizers and professor of Education at Brock.
“And the lessons from the Great War, the war that was supposed to end all wars, offer insights into our current cultures of war - and peace,” she says.

Michael Morpurgo, author of the award-winning WWI drama War Horse, will be one of the event’s keynote speakers.
Canadian authors participating include Hugh Brewster, Deborah Ellis, Sarah Ellis, Linda Granfield, Kevin Major, Art Slade and John Wilson. International scholars include Andrew Donson, Margaret Higonnet, Michael Joseph, Andrea McKenzie and Paul Stevens.

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