Colin Russell, MSc student in Applied Health Sciences will compete at 2012 Olympic games

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Colin Russell, MSc student in Applied Health Sciences will compete at 2012 Olympic games

Published on April 11 2012

Sharing his time between the pool and kinesiology labs at Brock University, Colin Russell has qualified for the 2012 Summer Olympics.
In his first year as a grad student in Applied Health Sciences, Russell has turned his passion for nutrition into the engine that drives both his research and training
“I like to learn how different foods impact my body and what nutrients really make a difference”, Said Russell, whose research is supervised by Dr. Nota Klentrou and Dr. Wendy Ward, Kinesiology professors researching Nutrition, Bone Health and Muscle Physiology.
“Colin has been working on the interaction of nutrition and physical activity, in the development of bone in children and adolescents,” Said Nota Klentrou, Associate Dean of Graduate studies in Applied Health Sciences. “He continues his training in laboratory techniques related to his thesis and preparing a research proposal to be defended prior to the Olympics, if possible.”
Nutrition has always been a hobby for Russell, one that will now be the focus of his research and help him better understand its correlation with physical activity.
“Don’t get me wrong, I like my cookies and Tim Bits, but nutrition does play a large role in my preparation as I taper my training schedule leading into events” Said Russell.
Competing in the 100 m freestyle event this past weekend in Montreal, Russell finished third with a time of 49.69 seconds, with the top four swimmers qualifying for the 4x100m freestyle event.  
Russell has also been asked to compete in the 4x200m freestyle relay for the Olympics, a length he retired in 2011.
“I wanted to retire the 200m freestyle event while I was on top, I was undefeated among Canadian swimmers through 3 years of competition,” said Russell, “The 100 m event is a faster sprint that focuses more on the technical aspects, I really worked on my turns and finishes to get everything running smoothly for the qualifying weekend”.
Colin will not be the only Russell representing Canada’s swim team at the Olympics, he will be accompanied by his sister, Sinead, who qualified for the 100 and 200 m backstroke events, with the possibility of competing in the 4x100m medley relay.
“She put a lot of pressure on me”, he said.  “She qualified early in the week and made me promise that I would be there to support her at her first Olympics”.
The Russell’s have both been part of the national team since 2009, but will finally be the first siblings to represent Canada as part of the Olympic swim team in 36 years.
“She was fast, fast enough in her main event (200m backstroke) to break a national record” proclaimed Russell. “Being at the Olympics with her is going to be very special for the both of us, I know I had a lot of questions at my first Olympics in Beijing, so I will be there to answer any questions she might have”.
The Olympic journey begins July 3rd, with a pre-composition camp in Olbia, Italy.
This staging camp acclimatizes swimmers to the time change, 10 days before the opening ceremonies.  
For Russell, the high from the Olympics won’t end with the closing ceremonies; it will just begin, as his wedding is just 10 days following the Olympics.


Colin Russell
Colin Russell

Master of Science student in
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