EdTech Cohort Develops Future EdTech Leaders

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EdTech Cohort Develops Future EdTech Leaders

Published on March 21 2012

As the education community continues to struggle with making 21st century teaching and learning a reality, the need for teacher leaders that understand the challenges and benefits of using technology in the classroom grows. The support the development of future EdTech leaders, the Teacher Education Department launched the EdTech Leadership Cohort last fall. In addition to the comprehensive training all teacher candidates receive, the EdTech Leadership Cohort members received an additional 72 hours of training designed to develop educational technology leaders who are knowledgeable and skilled in the use of educational technologies that can enhance student learning and school operations in K-12 schools.

This hybrid course utilized a combination of face-to-face, online, small group and collaborative learning strategies that provided them with provided with hands-on opportunities to use of a variety of instructional technologies including, but not limited to SMART boards (SMART Notebook level 1 & 2), Livescribe pens, LCD projections, document cameras, interactive classroom clickers, iPods, digital video cameras, Twitter, blogs, and Google Docs.

In addition to developing their technical competencies, cohort participants received instruction in the technological, pedagogical and content knowledge (TPACK) required to use technology to enhance teaching and learning. This was followed by coursework that examined best practices in designing professional development for adult learners. Collectively the member of the EdTech Cohort have created numerous online learning objects to support teacher professional development, while also delivering a professional development workshop and one to one coaching sessions to hundreds of educators.

You can review learn more about the EdTech Cohort by visiting the http://www.edtechteachers.ca/ website.

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