Rolling up their sleeves, Brock Nursing students help raise flu shot rates in long-term care facilities.

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Rolling up their sleeves, Brock Nursing students help raise flu shot rates in long-term care facilities.

Published on March 20 2012

Working with Niagara Region Seniors Services staff, a group of eight Brock nursing students developed a campaign that almost doubled vaccination rates at long-term care facilities in the Niagara region.

Helen Taylor, Quality and Education Manger at Niagara Region Seniors Services, helped to initiate this clinical placement.

“I was looking for a way to improve our staff immunization rates for the annual flu vaccination,” said Taylor. “It was my responsibility to coordinate student placements across the 8 Niagara Region Long-Term Care Homes.”

The concentrated efforts of the eight nursing students helped to support the efforts of Public Health, Infection Control and Registered Nurses and Directors of Resident Care at each of the Long-term Care Homes.

Students researched information on influenza, immunization, adult teaching and learning principles, marketing, and population health to design and deliver an education campaign and multiple flu shot clinics.

“Being provided with the opportunity to make a difference within the community was an amazing experience”, said Jennifer Carson. “Learning how to research a topic and then be able to personally vaccinate staff created a direct link between theory and practical nursing skills.”

Received with overwhelming success, results for this project saw immunization rates jump from an average of 38% over the previous 3 years, to 78% during this campaign year.

Impacting the community, this program has enhanced the well-being of residents, families of residents, and the health-care system as a whole.

We feel proud to have been able to sustain a relationship with Niagara Region, and allow future nursing students to develop this fulfilling opportunity, commented Carson.

The foundation of work will continue to be marketed to the Niagara Region, both in Seniors Services, but also through Public Health networks.

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