Scholarship opens a new venue for graduate research in recreation studies.

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Scholarship opens a new venue for graduate research in recreation studies.

Published on March 16 2012

Taking his graduate research to a new venue, Ryan Howard, PhD student in Applied Health Sciences will present his peer-reviewed paper at the Northeastern Recreation Research Symposium (NERR) in Cooperstown, New York.
Howard was recently awarded the Tom and Muriel More Scholarship, which helps to support worthy candidates to take part in this symposium to further the information exchange on recreation research and management.
“Howard’s work stood out in a very competitive field that included an unprecedented number of applicants, and reflects well on his contributions as a graduate student and his potential for research scholarship.” Noted the Symposium Scholarship Committee.
The forum provides opportunities to discuss current issues and problems in the broad fields of outdoor recreation, outdoor recreation resource management, and wilderness programming.
Taking place at the beginning of April, Howard will be demonstrating his knowledge in the field of social and cultural health studies with the presentation of his peer-reviewed paper: The Significance of Place in John Muir’s Writings on Wilderness.
Presenting this paper alongside Howard will be Garrett Hutson, Assistant Professor in Recreation and Leisure studies.
"Howard's writings of John Muir and sense of place is a wonderful opportunity and logical next step for him to share his findings from his exploration of historical and contemporary place-based outdoor recreation literature.” Hutson remarked.
With the opportunity to network with other recreation scholars at this conference, Ryan will gain both supportive and critical insights that will help him as he moves toward his doctoral research proposal.
“As an up and coming researcher within the fields of outdoor experiential education and outdoor recreation, it is exciting to see him have opportunity to be recognized and move forward with his research interests at such a prestigious venue,” says Hutson.
Howard’s research focuses on outdoor recreationists and their perceptions of place in wilderness settings. Working with supervisor Tim O’Connell, Associate Professor of Recreation and Leisure Studies, he is in his second year of doctoral studies.

Ryan Howard
Ryan Howard

PhD Student in Applied Health Sciences
Field of Study: Social and Cultural Health Studies