Finding a new "home" team.

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Finding a new "home" team.

Published on February 27 2012

Leaving the high-flying acts of the Harlem Globetrotters, Brent Rossi has found a new “home” team - the Buffalo Sabres.

Brent Rossi (BSM ’01) was recently named the new Vice President of Brand Strategy and Marketing for the Buffalo Sabres.

“I am a hockey enthusiast - my career goal has always been to work for an NHL team, and number one on my list was the Buffalo Sabres” said Rossi.

“The best marketers are the people that believe in their product, if you don’t believe in the particular brand, then your not 100% passionate about it. The fact that I am a fan lends itself very well to this job”

As a member of the second honours-graduating class in the history of the Sport Management department at Brock University, Rossi followed his passion to the big leagues.

“I knew I wanted to work in sport, which is what really propelled me to apply to Brock in the first place,” said Rossi, “when I went into a class, I would determine my interest level and mold my expectations for my future based on this”.

Brock offers a rather unique opportunity for students, as the only University in Canada that grants a specialized Bachelor of Sport Management degree, which helps prepare students for all areas related to sport management.

“Starting with the fundamentals, the program helped prepare me for the business of sport, the small classes helped me to develop an objective thought process and giving me the chance to bounce my ideas off professors,” said Rossi, “these concepts are things I still go back to now”.

After graduating from Brock, Rossi continued his education at Old Dominion, where he attained his first job working at a new venue on campus. The venue was built for the Men’s and Women’s basketball teams, but was looking for more outreach creating the need for a targeted marketing strategy for family and community events.

This served as just the foundation as he continued to build his career portfolio, most recently serving as the vice-president of marketing for the Harlem Globetrotters. His background also includes a number of organizations including World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), the Philadelphia 76ers and the Comcast-Spectator.

As a word of advice to students, Rossi commented that “internships are the gateway to connections”, recognizing the importance of networking at every level of education and professional development.

Brent will be visiting Brock University on Monday, March 5th | 5 – 6:30 pm | Academic South 204

Don’t be shy, All members of the Brock Community are welcome to attend.

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