Deep Discussions on Pedagogical Innovation: Teaching & Learning in the 21st Century

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Deep Discussions on Pedagogical Innovation: Teaching & Learning in the 21st Century

Published on February 03 2012

On Friday January 27, an intimate group of faculty, staff and students gathered to discuss teaching and learning in the 21st century on Brock's campus.

Five recipients of The Chancellor's Chair for Teaching Excellence shared their research findings on pedagogical innovations. 

John MacNamara shared his experience transforming a second year child development course into a community service learning course through the use of reflective portfolios and a reconfigured lecture format. Enhanced connections across the child & youth studies curriculum have provided relevant situated learning opportunities for students in schools and community organizations.

Gail Frost & Maureen Connolly shared their research into "Real People, Deep Learning", where they replace the paper case study with clients from the community so students have an authentic scenarios and opportunities for multiple perspectives and complex interactions.

Murry Wickett is also using authentic learning experiences in a fourth year History capstone course anchored on peer mentoring program connecting 4th year students with 1st year students in order to increase engagement and retention.

Don Cyr showed pedagogical uses of video screen capture as a way of addressing multiple learning styles in statistics classes in the Finance program for domestic and international second-language students.

Another two roundtables provided rich student perspectives on the impact of digital culture on their learning and their responses to experiential learning opportunities.

Chancellor's Chair for Teaching Excellence awards are adjudicated annually. Deadline is March 2012. Interested applicants should contact Dr. Barry Joe ext. 4707  or Dr. Jill Grose ext 4392. For more information and nominations, refer to CTLET's page on Chancellor's Chair for Teaching Excellence.

students interact with clients instead of pieces of paper
Great conversations about pedagogical innovations

Excerpt of Visual Notes of "Real People. Notes on Deep Learning." Round table discussion