Accent Modification Workshops - REGISTER NOW!

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Accent Modification Workshops - REGISTER NOW!

Published on September 07 2011

 We have a very special offer to make to you regarding an Accent Modification Program led by Mrs. Carrie Hughes.  The Faculty of Business, Co-op Office and Business Career Development Office (BCDO) believe strongly that participating in such a program will lead to: 

  • a greater chance of securing a co-op work placement and full-time position at the conclusion of your studies
  • stronger presentation skills for use in your graduate classes and your future work environment

Do you wish to improve your spoken English AND your understanding of the native English speaker?  Then this course is for you.  Your instructor brings more than 10 years of experience teaching Accent Reduction classes to students in both the Canadian and American University setting.

No matter what your native language is, this course will teach you which areas of your speech are important to change and how YOU can make these changes.

Students will study English consonants and vowels, word and sentence stress, and be introduced to the specific melody of the English language.  Each lesson will be followed-up with an interactive, audio lab practice session using computer software and/or Internet resources.   The audio lab will be led by your instructor, who will provide ongoing feedback in your areas of concern.  Students will increase self-confidence in speaking and in listening to English, learn to 'self-monitor' their own English productions for accuracy, and be given techniques and strategies for continued practice beyond the language learning classroom.

Speaking clearly and effectively in English is critical in order to achieve both professional AND social success.  This course can help you improve your ability to communicate in areas such as presenting, negotiating, telephoning, meetings, interviewing and socializing in the workplace.  Participants will attend classes at the following weekly times beginning on September 22 and ending on November 24:

Audio lab - Thursdays 1000-1100 WH 205

Lecture - Thursdays 1100-1230 TA 405

That means the session runs for 10 weeks with 25 hours of contact time!  The cost of the workshop series is only $200 per participant (you will also need to purchase a separate textbook costing about $30 and provided a standard set of ear phones).  There are only 16 seats remaining in this exclusive workshop series (Faculty of Business grad students were given priority registration in August and filled more than one section themselves).  Any remaining seats will be opened to non-business Brock students as of September 15 so REGISTER NOW!  

To register, please complete the required information at this link: