New Library Resources Support Chemistry and Interdisciplinary Research

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New Library Resources Support Chemistry and Interdisciplinary Research

Published on June 24 2011

The Library is pleased to announce improved access to essential chemistry research resources.

Access to the web version of SciFinder has been increased from two to three concurrent users with the discontinuation of the client version. The new look and feel of the SciFinder database provides greater functionality, more intuitive searching and universal access to essential chemistry and health-related references, substances, reactions and data.

The Library continues to support unlimited access to the Reaxys database. Reaxys is a powerful synthesis planning tool for research chemists that require access to classic and current chemical reaction and property data.

In addition, the Library has acquired online back file access to the following key chemistry journals: Angewandte Chemie, 1962-, European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 1868-, European Journal of Organic Chemistry, 1832-, Advanced Synthesis and Catalysis, 1995- and the Journal of Chemical Education, 1995-.

These improvements will help foster creativity, scholarship, and research in chemistry and transdisciplinary studies. Explore these and other science resources by visiting the Chemistry Research Guide: