Researcher studying ways to improve turtle crossings

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Researcher studying ways to improve turtle crossings

Published on June 14 2011

The province of Ontario has the highest density of roads of any location in Canada. This news is great if you’re a driver, but not so if you are a turtle.

While humans move efficiently back and forth across this landscape, other creatures, including several turtle species, are at risk by this crowded network of pavement, especially when the roads separate them from part of their natural habitat.

One Brock researcher has partnered with conservation groups across Ontario to help alleviate the problem.

John Middleton, associate professor with the Department of Tourism and Environment, has received a grant from the Ministry of Transportation, under its Highway Infrastructure Innovation Funding Program (HIIFP). He’ll apply lessons learned from the use of turtle crossing signs on municipal roads to the potential use of wildlife area awareness signs on provincial roads.

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