Spring Teaching and Learning Day a Huge Success!

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Spring Teaching and Learning Day a Huge Success!

Published on May 06 2011

Almost 300 people came to Brock University on May 4, 2011 for the Centre for Teaching, Learning & Educational Technologies' Spring Teaching and Learning Day: Pedagogical Innovation and Imagination.

World renowned educator and anthropologist Dr. Michael Wesch inspired Brock University staff, instructors, teaching assistants and members from the community.  Dr. Wesch stressed the importance of relevancy, real world connections and moving beyond media literacy into multi-media fluency.

The plenary was followed by 10 great sessions from innovative educators at Brock highlighting imaginative pedagogical approaches to teaching and learning. The day wrapped up with a panel of student voices reflecting on a vision of students today.

Moving forward, the big news of the day came from Dr. Murray Knutilla's opening address where he announced a call for proposals for a new eLearning initiative beginning this spring. More details can be found on the CTLET website.

Participants from the day shared their insights on Dr. Wesch's message may influence their teaching practice:


Dr. Murray Knutilla and Dr. Michael Wesch