Club Profile: Brock Musical Theatre

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Club Profile: Brock Musical Theatre

Published on November 30 2010

By Claire Gallenger

Over the past couple of years, it seems as though musical theatre has experienced resurgence in North America. With so many people enjoying new renditions of classic ballads and Broadway pieces, students might be interested to learn that Brock has its very own musical theatre company.

Brock Musical Theatre is an artistic powerhouse here on campus and they’re only getting bigger.

Formed in 2005, BMT is a student-lead theatre company that seeks to provide artistic opportunities to all students at Brock University.

"There was no musical theatre program here at Brock so the company was started to give students the opportunity to be in dramatic productions," said Adrian Petry, a member of the BMT production team.

"We’re unique because of our functionality. We sort of operate as a club and we sort of operate as a theatre company," said Petry in an interview.

Since its inception four years ago,

BMT has grown significantly.Just this year, the company announced the formation of a Glee Club that will function under Brock Musical Theatre.Getting InvolvedFor students looking to get involved in BMT, auditions for the group are usually held in September of every year, but that’s not to say that there aren’t ways students can get involved now.For more information about Brock Musical theatre or for ways to get involved, make sure to keep an eye on BMT’s website at


Although the club is rooted in the dramatic arts, it is open to students from all faculties and is not limited to Drama majors. Petry, who is studying History and Political Science, emphasizes the fact that much of BMT is comprised of non-Drama students who are passionate about the arts.

"About 75% of our students are not drama majors. We really are open to the entire school." Petry added, "We’re open to those who don’t have an opportunity to be on stage otherwise."

Currently BMT hosts Musical Movie Nights with SSAN. Students can expect many more of these movie nights in January, February and March. Films like Footloose and The Sound of Music are typically shown on Saturday nights, but are subject to change.

As always, the highlight of the year for musical theatre is BMT’s annual theatrical production. This year the company’s major endeavour is their Glee Club Concert. Musical theatre fans can look forward to a musical review that will cover a lot of classic pieces and Broadway tunes.

"We have a really, really talented cast," said Petry. "People will be really impressed this year."

The Glee Club Concert will take place on January 28th, 29th and 30th in D. Howes Theatre. Tickets are $14 and will be available in mid-December at the Center for the Arts.



"We have a number of positions available with stage crew and publicity," said Petry. "Ushers are always needed for the front of house, and of course, students are welcome to come to any of our other events."