McMaster Student Leaders Tour SLIC

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McMaster Student Leaders Tour SLIC

Published on December 01 2010

By Erik Dickson

Despite being launched just a few short months ago, Brock’s Student Leadership & Innovation Commons (SLIC) is getting some well-deserved attention.

On Nov. 29, a group of student leaders from McMaster University paid a visit to Brock, specifically to the newly launched space.

The purpose of their trip from Hamilton was to check out SLIC, its members, and how the space provides resources for clubs and leaders to develop.

They were able to see, first hand, how SLIC gives clubs and individuals valuable space to hold meetings, in an environment where physical space for groups is often hard to come by.

Adam Kuhn, Manager of the Student Success Centre at McMaster, explained that they are looking into how different universities work to develop leadership in their students.

Although they don’t have plans to replicate a space like SLIC, they all felt it was unique and innovative - something they said their school needed.

He said they were looking into a way to centralize the development of student leadership at McMaster.

Lindsay Winger, Student Leadership & Engagement Coordinator for SLCE said that the visit not only showcased what Brock has accomplished with SLIC, but also provided important information on what can be learned from other schools.

"It gave us an opportunity to see what challenges they have faced, and what tools they have found successful," said Winger.

An important aspect of the meeting was establishing some of the challenges that have been seen at McMaster with regards to clubs, and what Brock can learn from them.

She added that the visit was a good chance to come together and talk about the possibility of linking clubs who have similar mandates.

Kuhn explained that one way for student clubs and organizations to be successful is through cooperation with similar groups at other schools.


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