Student Leadership & Innovation Commons Now Open

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Student Leadership & Innovation Commons Now Open

Published on October 22 2010



By Erik Dickson,

It’s no doubt that Brock is full of student leaders who, over the years, have developed programs and initiatives that have had great effects around the university and in the community.

Now, those leaders have a place to come together and turn their ideas into reality.  Over the course of the summer, a group of Brock people did just that, leading to the establishment of the Student Leadership and Innovation Commons (SLIC). On Sept. 22, the space was revealed to the public.

Located in MCA 204, the SLIC is described as “a new collaborative workspace for all Brock student leaders and student organizations”, according to the space’s web page.  The space provides groups all the resources they need, including computers, telephones, meeting spaces, message walls and event calendars.

Not only will the SLIC give student leaders a place to meet and work, it will give them an opportunity to network with their peers, and make connections with people who can help grow their ideas.  “We believe that in bringing student leaders together in this SLIC space, that we will begin to build bridges and to realize the benefits of increased collaboration and cooperation between students, student organizations, student clubs and associations,” said Bradley Clarke, Director of the Student Life and Community Experience department (SLCE).

In addition, groups will have access to regular leadership workshops, as well as the information needed to become a ratified BUSU club.  “SLIC is a great opportunity for both student clubs and individual students who are looking to start an initiative at Brock to find the resources and supports they need to help accomplish their goals,” said Lindsay Winger, Student Leadership & Engagement Coordinator.

Organizers of the SLIC hope that it will allow the already existing culture of student leadership to grow at Brock.
“All Brock students can be leaders and this is a space for all Brock leaders,” said Clarke. “What will draw students together and form a common purpose between them is that each student, each student organization, will in their own way be working to enhance the Brock experience. By students, for students.”

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