Did you recently receive your alumni card?

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Did you recently receive your alumni card?

Published on August 17 2010

Congratulations. You’re alumni now – part of a network of over 70, 000. While you’ve received your diploma and may have already begun your careers, your connection to Brock will continue throughout your lives.

Your alumni card is one way to stay connected. With this card you can take advantages of many services and discounts exclusive to Brock alumni. Make sure to read your “Get with the Program” brochure for more alumni deals!

NOTE: We have noticed that some of our alumni cards were misprinted as [Middle name, Last name]. We are currently investigating the situation and will let you know what the next steps are.

Was your alumni card misprinted?Please fill out this short form and we will mail you a new alumni card after October Convocation. (You have until Oct. 10th to submit this form for a new card).

In the interim, you can still use your misprinted alumni card for all of the services it provides.


Don’t lose touch with Brock after graduation.
You can email or tweet us become a Facebook fan, attend Alumni Weekend and network events, receive Surgite Magazine or the alumni e-newsletter — staying in touch has never been easier. Make sure to visit our online alumni community at brockpeople.ca to make sure your contact info is up-to-date.

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