Fall Course Offerings

Department of Mathematics & Statistics

Fall Course Offerings

The following course list reflects the typical and/or previous term in which each course is offered.  Course offerings are subject to change between academic years.  For a complete listing of confirmed course offerings, consult the course timetable.

Undergraduate Courses

Course Code/Name Fall 2013 Course Instructor

MATH 1F92* - Introductory Statistics

T. Conroy
MATH 1P01 - Calculus Concepts I W. Ralph
MATH 1P05 - Applied Calculus I D. Levay
MATH 1P12 - Linear Algebra I B. Nanayakkara
MATH 1P20 - Introduction to Mathematics T. Bozza
MATH 1P66 - Mathematical Reasoning B. Farzad
MATH 1P98 - Practical Statistics D. Miners (Course Coordinator)
MATH 2F40* - Mathematics Integrated with Computers and Applications II H. Fuks, W. Ralph
MATH 2P03 - Multivariate and Vector Calculus B. Nanayakkara
MATH 2P12 - Linear Algebra II B. Nanayakkara
MATH 2P52* - Principles of Mathematics for Primary and Junior Teachers B. Wolf
MATH 2P71 - Introduction to Combinatorics B. Farzad
MATH 2P81 - Probability W. Yuen

MATH 2P90 - Euclidean and Non-Euclidean Geometry I

Offered in even-numbered years
MATH 2P93 - Great Moments in Mathematics I S. Yee
MATH 2P95 - Mathematics and Music C. Buteau
MATH 3P04 - Complex Analysis O. Kihel
MATH 3P08 - Advanced Differential Equations A. Dar
MATH 3P12 - Applied Algebra Y. Li
MATH 3P51 - Applied Mathematics with Maple Offered in alternate years to MATH 3P52
MATH 3P52 - Partial Differential Equations in C++ T. Wolf
MATH 3P82 - Regression Analysis T. Conroy
MATH 3P85 - Mathematical Statistics II W. Yuen
MATH 3P91* - Mathematics at the Junior/Intermediate/Senior Level L. Moss
MATH 4F90* - Honours Project Project Course
MATH 4P61 - Theory of Computation K. Qiu
MATH 4P82 - Nonparametric Statistics T. Conroy
MATH 4P84 - Topics in Stochastic Processes and Models J. Vrbik
MATH 4P92 - Topics in Number Theory and Cryptography O. Kihel
MATH 4P96 - Technology and Mathematics Education C. Buteau

* - indicates Duration 1 (D1 - September to April).  All other courses are Duration 2 (D2 - September - December).


Graduate Courses

Course Code/Name Fall 2013 Course Instructor
MATH 5F90 - MSc Thesis See Department
MATH 5P10 - Modern Algebra Y. Li
MATH 5P20 - Computational Methods for Algebraic and Differential Systems T. Wolf
MATH 5P30 - Dynamical Systems Not offered in Fall 2013
MATH 5P50 - Algebraic Number Theory Not offered in Fall 2013
MATH 5P82 - Nonparametric Statistics T. Conroy
MATH 5P83 - Linear Models X. Xu
MATH 5P84 - Time Series Analysis and Stochastic Processes J. Vrbik
MATH 5P86 - Multivariate Statistics X. Xu
MATH 5P92 - Cryptography and Number Theory O. Kihel
MATH 5P96 - Technology and Mathematics Education C. Buteau
MATH 5P99 - Major Research Paper See Department