Art van der Est

Department of Chemistry

Art van der Est

 Professor of Chemistry
(Adjunct Professor of Physics)

Department of Chemistry 
Brock University 
St. Catharines, Ontario 
L2S 3A1

Office Phone: (905) 688-5550 ext.4602 
Lab Phone: (905) 688-5550 ext. 3410
Office: CRN 408
Labs: CRN 130 (EPR), CRN115 (Bioreactor), CRN 135 (Laser), CRN 133 (Sample Prep), CRN 119 (Grad Office)


Research Interests: 

Photosynthesis; time resolved EPR spectroscopy; electron transfer reactions; light-induced electron spin polarization.

The Spin Chemistry Website 

View an amination of electron transfer in photosystem I.

Here is a really short list of web pages of some other folks who do cool stuff with Photosynthesis and who work with us:
Doug Bruce,  Brock University
John Golbeck, Penn State Univeristy 
Kevin Redding, Arizona State University

Gary Hastings, Georgia State University

You can find almost anyone else who works in the field in the directory at the International Society of Photosynthesis Research

Dept. of Chemistry
Brock University
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Tel: (905) 688-5550 x3406

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