Biotechnology Graduate Program

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Biotechnology Graduate Program

What Our Students Have to Say

Jordan Froese
Supervisor: Dr. Hudlicky
"The unique opportunity provided to me, and the primary reason I chose to pursue graduate work at Brock University, was the chance to work with some of the premier researchers in their respective fields."

Ravi Naoum, current MSc Student
"I would strongly recommend any foreign student considering graduate school to take a look at Brock.  The mentorship opportunities are fantastic and the community life is more than I could have asked for. The research being performed at Brock demonstrates what can be accomplished when biology and chemistry are treated as symbiotic fields, and not as separate entities.  This idea is exemplified in the Biotechnology department." 



Yue Wu
Supervisor: Charles Després
"Brock has great faculties in both the Biology and Chemistry Department. I could study and work in both disciplines with the help from other brilliant scientists in various areas."

Scott Behie
Supervisor: Dr. Bidochka
"I am very happy with Brock University’s Biotechnology Graduate Program. The professors are approachable and helpful, and they want you to succeed. Brock Graduate Studies has provided me with excellent opportunities for research and publication, and I believe that when I graduate I will be prepared for the next step, whatever that may be."