Biotechnology Graduate Program

Faculty of Mathematics and Science

Biotechnology Graduate Program


Acceptance into the program requires that a faculty member in the Department of Biological Sciences agree to supervise the student’s research program. Prospective students are thus recommended to contact potential supervisors.

Biological Sciences

Michael Bidochka, Professor and Department Chair of Biotechnology
Office: MC F238; Ext: 3392
Research Interests: My laboratory studies a tripartite interaction of a fungus that infects an insect (insect pathogenic fungus) that also symbiotically associates with plants (endophytic fungus).

Vincenzo De Luca, Professor
Office: MC F240; Ext: 4554
Research Interests: Genomic, proteomic and metabolic approaches to study the biosynthesis of plant natural products and their regulation.

Fiona Hunter, Professor
Office: MC F227; Ext: 3394
Research Interests: Behavioural ecology of black flies, chromosomal systematics of black flies and mosquitoes, molecular systematics of biting flies, pollination of Umbelliferae by dipterans.

Doug Bruce, Professor
Office: MC F225; Ext: 3826
Research Interests: The major research focus in our laboratory is related to the biophysics of photosynthetic light conversion. Our general goal is to understand the molecular photophysical mechanisms of energy conversion in photosynthesis and the regulation of these processes.

Robert Carlone, Professor
Office: MC F223; Ext: 3827
Research Interests: The role of retinoids such as all-trans and 9-cis retinoic acids in neuronal growth, development and regeneration in both vertebrate and invertebrate model systems.

Alan Castle, Professor and Associate Dean
Office: MC F235; Ext: 3598

Charles Després, Associate Professor
Office: MC F224; Ext: 3100
Research Interests: Plant Proteomic and Molecular Pathology.


Andrew Reynolds, NSERC Research Chair in Viticulture
Office: IH311; Ext: 3131
Research Interests: Viticultural practices and their influences wine and juice quality, characterization of impact of terroir on the sensory properties of Niagara wines and factors influencing stuck fermentations.

Debbie Inglis, Associate Professor
Office: MC F221; Ext: 3828/3227
Research Interests: Yeast biotechnology and biochemistry; Icewine fermentation; yeast stress responses and the link to wine quality; etiology of grape sour rot; wine remediation for taints.

Ping Liang, Associate Professor
Office: MC F236; Ext: 5922
E-mail: pliang[at]
Research Interests: Understanding the mechanism of genetic diversity and their contribution to phenotype via bioinformatics and genomics approaches


Ian Brindle, Professor
Office: CRN 509; Ext: 3421
Research Interests: Development of analytical methods for environmental and other samples. Gas chromatography/mass spectrometry and nuclear magnetic resonance applied to organometallic species and to environmental problems. Trace and ultra-trace determination of elements in complex matrices. Applications of mass spectrometry in analytical chemistry.

Jeffrey Atkinson, Professor
Office: CRN 416; Ext: 3967
Research Interests: Organic Chemistry; Vitamin E Biochemistry; Lipid transfer proteins, protein-membrane interactions.

Tomas Hudlicky, Professor and Canada Research Chair
Office: MC E311C; Ext: 4956
Research Interests: Total synthesis of Amaryllidaceae alkaloids and morphine; synthesis and biological evaluation of oligoinositols; microbial dihydroxylation of aromatic substrates; electrochemical oxidation and reduction of organic molecules.

Costa Metallinos, Associate Professor
Office: CRN 518; Ext: 3848
Research Interests: Synthetic organic and organometallic chemistry.

Travis Dudding, Associate Professor
Office: CRN 519; Ext: 3405
Research Interests: Computational chemistry, synthetic organic chemistry, and physical organic exploration of the mechanisms of catalysis and reaction mechanisms

Hongbin (Tony) Yan, Associate Professor
Office: CRN 415; Ext: 3545
E-mail: tyan[at]
Research Interests: Natural and modified nucleic acids (light-responsive nucleic acids, glycosylated nucleic acids, sequence specific modification of nucleic acids); mucosal vaccine adjuvant development; colorimetric and fluorescent labeling of nucleic acids; DNA damage in bacterial spores

Heather Gordon, Associate Professor
Office: CRN 511A; Ext: 4604
Research Interests: Statistical mechanical investigations, via Monte Carlo and molecular dynamics simulations, of biologically relevant molecules.

Art van der Est, Professor
Office: CRN 408; Ext: 4602
Research Interests: Photosynthesis; time resolved EPR spectroscopy; electron transfer reactions; light-induced electron spin polarization.

Paul M. Zelisko, Instructor
Office: CRN 520; Ext: 4389
Research Interests: Silicon chemistry; silicone/protein interactions; biomaterials; silicon-mediated reactions; bioorganosilicon chemistry; immobilized catalysts; chemical education.