Brock University Radian6 Case Study

Brock University Radian6 Case Study

On September 12, 2012, social media monitoring and management tool company Salesforce Radian6 published a case study about how Brock University effectively uses Radian6 to monitor social conversations and engage with its students, alumni, faculty, staff, friends and donors in the social web.


Brock uses social media to build a connected campus

The challenge

The higher education industry has long been receptive to social media, valuing its ability to create connections between institutions, organizations and their various supporters. From prospective and current students to alumni, athletic boosters, partners and donors, the social web helps keep everyone engaged in the campus community. Creating lasting connections right away with these groups helps to ensure an active and engaged community in the future.

Located in Canada’s beautiful Niagara region, Brock University is one of the fastest growing universities in Canada. Serving more than 18,000 students and a growing alumni family of more than 75,000, Brock University knows that an effective way to keep in touch with its audience is through the social web. The university that engages “both sides of the brain” first took the leap into social media in 2008 and has since grown to include more than 100 social media properties across various university departments and offices.

With the goal of providing exceptional customer service and creating lasting connections, Brock’s social media team has been working toward a more co-ordinated social media presence to better engage customers throughout the entire student life cycle.

The approach

Much like its brand image, Brock’s approach to social media engagement is unpretentious, casual and welcoming, which Brock feels has contributed to its growth.

Brock first started using Salesforce Radian6 in April 2012 to help streamline its social media management across three key offices – Recruitment and Liaison, Marketing and Communications, and Alumni Relations – and to increase its ability to listen to conversations happening around its brand.

The workflow options available in Radian6’s Engagement Console allows Brock’s social media team members in each of these offices to assign posts to each other, attach notes describing recommended next steps and select the priority in which the post should be handled.

By classifying the source and content type of a post (i.e. prospective students or alumni and registration or housing, respectively) the tagging system allows Brock to produce detailed reports that indicate who’s talking about Brock and specifically what they’re talking about.


Brock University’s commitment to engaging online has strengthened its connection with both its on- and off-campus communities. And with the help of Salesforce Radian6, Brock’s social media team has become more efficient at managing the conversations and translating them into valuable information.

By monitoring a complicated mix of keywords related to Brock University and its brand culture, Brock’s main social media co-ordinator can easily field current students’ inquiries to various departments across campus, promote university events and research findings to the media and community partners, and assign tasks to colleagues in Recruitment and Liaison and Alumni Relations. Recruitment and Liaison can identify prospective students and thank them for applying to Brock, answer program questions and promote their student life blogs. Alumni Relations can encourage grads to attend networking and professional development events, such as Brock Days Alumni Weekend, and easily capture information for their contact database like when a graduate lands a new job or indicates an interest in supporting the university.

Moreover, by consistently tagging posts, Brock’s social media co-ordiantor can produce reports that benefit various departments on campus; for example, during student registration, Brock was able to identify technical issues in the registration system based on the frequency and volume of social media posts from concerned students.

Brock’s not only using social media to engage with its community, it’s gathering important information that will help it improve over the long term.


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