We work with all University departments to create effective advertising to promote programs and events.

Our advertising design service is available to all University departments at no charge when we have in-house capacity. If you need something expedited, for a cost we can broker freelance services on your behalf.

Below is some helpful information to assist you in planning ahead for your advertising needs. To get started, contact us at extension 3245 or complete a Request for Services form.

Faculty and staff recruitment advertising  

The Human Resources department is responsible for co-ordinating the development of all faculty and staff recruitment ads. Any department that requires the placement of recruitment advertising should first contact Human Resources at extension 3274. University Marketing and Communications will then co-ordinate the ad design with Human Resources.

Production schedule

It’s important that adequate time, preferably at least two weeks, is provided for the production of advertising artwork.

We will develop a production schedule for the artwork with you.

For project efficiency, and to encourage finalized copy is sent to us, we provide two free project proofs. Work thereafter is charged at $60 an hour.

For outsourced photography, graphic design and writing/editing, a cost estimate will be provided to you for approval. Costs are subject to change if proofing or the project scope becomes more involved than originally anticipated.

Setting an advertising budget

Unless otherwise agreed, each department is responsible for the cost of placing advertisements.
You must obtain a purchase order number from the Finance Office in order to arrange payment. Publications will provide advertising rate information in order to establish a budget for advertising costs.

Display advertising specifications

In order for us to start producing an ad, you must book the advertisement with the publication. You will need to confirm the following specifications when booking your ad:
• the height and width in inches
• with newspaper advertisements, indicate the section in which the ad will appear
• black and white or colour application
• type of digital file required by the publication for final artwork submission
• deadline for final artwork to the publication

Advertising copy and photography

We rely upon subject matter experts — you — to submit copy. The copy should be submitted as a Microsoft Word document and e-mailed to us (or attached in the online Request for Services form) for review before design/layout. We will edit for Canadian Press style and match the type of details to the medium: e.g. longer copy blocks for brochures; shorter headlines and copy blocks for ads; bullet points for web.
Any photography requirements for the ad should be discussed with us beforehand to be sure of content, composition and reproduction quality.

If your project is similar to one previously done, please include a sample so you and we can determine what significant changes may be required or if it's acceptable to make minor updates.

To ensure faster proofing, please have your copy/content finalized before submission. This procedure is much more efficient than editing after the design layout is done.

Submitting approved artwork to publications

All final artwork must be approved and signed off by a department head, or designate, prior to being submitted to the publication.
Once the artwork is approved, we will provide you with the electronic file of the advertisement as per the specifications of the publication. So you’re sure the publication receives the ad, we ask that you submit the artwork to the publication.




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