Both Sides of the Brain

Both Sides of the Brain



Both Sides of the Brain is how we explain the Brock experience. Of course university is about learning, researching, and your degree at the end… but there is so much more.

Maybe you’re a coach or a musician, or you volunteer at a veterinary clinic, or you fundraise for good causes. Maybe you love more solitary pursuits, like reading or blogging. Perhaps your out-of-classroom activities overlap with your academic life. 

…this is Both Sides of the Brain.

Brock has always been a place for well-rounded people to embrace their diverse passions and become better versions of themselves — in AND out of the classroom. Now, we call that Both Sides of the Brain. When you see the images around school, hear people refer to their “other side,” and flip through graphics on the website you’re not looking at an advertising gimmick or marketing trick, this IS what Brock is.

We are not numbers; we are individuals encouraged to make our own marks, and develop both sides of our brain.

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