About GIS Day

GIS Day Success!

On Wednesday, November 17th, the Map Library hosted the first annual GIS Day in association with Geography Awareness Week. The Map Library was a beehive of activity all day with Introduction to GIS workshops, a Google Earth Amazing Race and guest speakers over pizza lunch!

Members of the Brock Community contributed posters displaying their use of GIS in research and teaching. Presentation topics included Mars Research, by Frank Feuten; Potable Water Use Surveys, by Genevieve LePine; Landcover of Peterborough & the Kawarthas, Lisa Arblaster; Urban Stream Channels, Mariane Ferencevic; Internet Tug of War, Sarah Lepp and 2006 Census Mapping, Sharon Janzen.

The Map Library will be offering future hands-on sessions introducing users to GIS technology and how to 'get your data on the map'! Watch the website for details. http://www.brocku.ca/library/collections/maplibrary/workshops

2010 Pictures

World GIS Day cake

Janet, the bakerGIS Day Cake and artist, Janet Visser


Frank Feuten talks about Mars ResearchFrank Feuten, Earth Sciences, presents his research on MARS

Google Earth Amazing Race Winners!Congratulations! Google Earth Amazing Race winners, Courtney and Ben!

Draw a map winner! Congratulations, Mark!

Intro to GIS hands-on workshopIntro to GIS workshop


Urban Stream Channels (Mariane Ferencevic)



 Potable water in Niagara