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Sites listed below offer interactive tools or downloads for assiting with your mapping projects. These resource links are provided as/is. The Map Library staff may offer some assistance but users should contact the author of a given webpage.

Mapping Locations is an on-line tool that allows the user to instantly acquire geographic coordinates for an address database, then provides options to map the data with Google Maps or create a personal website from the mapped data. To use this site, your data must include street addresses, city name and postal code in tab delimited format.
Excel to KML is an on-line tool that easily converts a formatted Excel file into a KML file viewable in Google Earth.
GPS Visualizer is an on-line tool enabling users to upload GPS files and automatically generate a Google Map representing their data.
EasyGPS is a free interface that you can connect any Garmin GPS with and load your waypoints, routes or tracks. These features can be saved as .gpx files that are easily read into the Google Earth environment. Associated instructions can be found at:
Free Geography Tools provides on-line resources and downloads for geography-related functions such as geocoding and finding coordinates.
Google Earth is a free mapping program that provides satellite imagery and roads as a base for viewing the world in a new way. Combine the power of Google Search with global geographic information and enter the realm of virtual world travel. There is a free version available for download as well as upgrades offering extra features such as importing GIS data layers, database files or data directly from a GPS unit. Instructions for Google Earth are available.
Google Maps offers an on-line electronic road atlas of the world. Search by street address, city or point of interest and view your destination on a road map, satellite image or hybrid. Google Maps also offers a custom mapping interface where you can add your own data to a map, customize the features and generate a personal webpage. Instructions for creating a custom map are available.
GOOGLE My Map Video Tutorial - Creating custom maps using Google Maps - My Maps interface.
Live Search Maps is Microsoft's version of Google Maps and offers a seemless road map with aerial views as well as "Bird's Eye Views" of key locations. Aerial coverage compliments Google maps coverage in some parts of the world (i.e.Niagara Region coverage is seemless). Traffic layers offer real-time Canadian content and indicates locations of accidents with details such as estimated "end times".
geoGreeting - A nifty way for mappy folks to send an e-greeting created using 'letters' plucked out of satellite imagery.
On-line maps by Carleton University - Carleton University has developed a collection of on-line resources using a Google Search database. Enter the geographic location and click Search. Google Search results provide a listing of web resources offering free mapping resources.


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