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Data Research Service

The Data Research Service can help you with discovery, access, and retrieval of data and statistics for any topic or subject area. We have research guides and support materials to help you get started:

Please also feel free to contact any member of the Data Research Service team:

Heather Whipple, Data Librarian
Phone: 905-688-5550 Ext. 4880

Evelyn Smith, Data Research Assistant
Phone: 905-688-5550 Ext. 4897

Linda Lowry, Business Librarian (for business statistics)
Phone: 905-688-5550 Ext.4650

Colleen Beard, Map Librarian
Phone: 905-688-5550 Ext.3468

Sharon Janzen, Map Library Associate/Geospatial Data Coordinator
Phone: 905-688-5550 Ext.5890

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