DR. JAMES A. GIBSON January 29, 1912 - October 23, 2003

James A. Gibson Library

DR. JAMES A. GIBSON January 29, 1912 - October 23, 2003

The Brock University Library is named in honour of James Alexander Gibson, C.M., D.Phil., LL. D., Founding President of Brock University (1964-1974), who described the Library as a "quick forge and working-house of thought". As Founding President in 1964, the first order of business was the creation of a Library. His vision for Brock University included the Library Tower, a symbolic presence on the Niagara Escarpment for academic pride and community identity, that began with a mere 3,000 books. Dr. Gibson is an accomplished administrator, a Rhodes Scholar and an Oxford graduate. Early in his career, he worked as private secretary to former Prime Minister, Mackenzie King. He served nine years as Foreign Service Officer in the Canadian Department of External Affairs. Much of his life has been devoted to the advancement of peace, international justice and higher education, through his work in such respected organizations as the United Nations and the Canadian Association of Rhodes Scholars. For these reasons and more, the Brock University community was proud to use the name James A. Gibson in association with its main library at the Naming Ceremony of July 22, 1996.

James A. Gibson a Distinguished Canadian: a Photo Exhibit

James A. Gibson 90th Birthday: a Photo Exhibit

Dr. James A. Gibson

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