ArcGIS Site License FAQ

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ArcGIS Site License FAQ

What is ArcGIS?
ArcGIS is a complete Geographic Information System (GIS) offering a variety of levels of functionality to the new user and the advanced GIS analyst. Using ArcGIS, data with a spatial reference can be visualized, processed and queried to better understand patterns and relationships in a geographic context. For more details and where to go from here, visit "What is GIS?"
Who has access to ArcGIS through the site license?
All current members of the Brock University community may use ArcGIS for non-profit purposes.
What products does the license include?
Refer to the List of Products.
How do faculty and staff request copies of ArcGIS?
Make a request to IT Services to have the software installed on your computer:
Library staff are to contact Library Systems Help Desk or email
Can a student get a copy for their personal computer?
Yes. The site license includes a limited number of student copies. Priority will be given to graduate and fourth year thesis students, and research assistants. Requests are submitted to the Map, Data & GIS Library (MC-C306) in person, by email: or phone 905.688.5550 x.5890
Can teaching assistants get a copy for their personal computer?
Yes. Under the terms of the agreement, it can only be used for academic purposes and for non-profit use.
Can alumni get a copy for their personal computer?
No. Not unless they are affiliated with the university in a teaching or research role.
Where can I access this software on campus?
All campus  computer labs, the Map, Data & GIS Library, and Learning Commons, including Classroom A.
Can off-site campuses get a copy?
Yes. All of Brock University is covered by the site license, including satellite campus locations.
What computer specs are needed to run ArcGIS?
The minimum requirements for computers provided by IT Services is sufficient to run ArcGIS Desktop.
ArcGIS Desktop requires the Windows OS, but some options are available for Mac users:
Are there older versions of ArcGIS available?
No. Only the recent version will be available.
What are the permitted uses?
Teaching, research, and university administration use.
No for-profit or commercial use is permitted under the terms of the license.
Where do I go for technical support?
Refer to HELP contacts.
Whom do I contact for training?
What is Virtual Campus?
The license provides faculty, staff, and students free access to all web training courses offered through the ESRI site.
What training is offered through the Virtual Campus?
Refer to the ESRI site for a complete catalogue of training programs:
How do I access Virtual Campus?
Refer to the HELP contacts.
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