Appeal Form

James A. Gibson Library

Library Appeal Process

Under the James A. Gibson Library loan policies, borrowers may appeal fines and charges.

Please note that the following are NOT acceptable reasons for appealing library fees.

• Failing to receive reminder notices, either electronically or by mail
• Failing to note due dates
• Failing to renew on time
• Due dates which fall while the user is on vacation, or out of the local area
• Lack of knowledge of library policies.

To appeal on other grounds, please provide specific details which will substantiate your case. When providing justification for an appeal, it is important to provide detailed information, i.e. book title(s), dates and reasons. Without this detail, it could be difficult to adjudicate your appeal. You will normally receive a response within 10 (ten) working days.

Information gathered is in accordance with the James A. Gibson Library's Privacy and Protection of Information Policy.

Appeal Form